Tips to get rid of insects from the best pest control companies

Tips to get rid of insects from the best pest control companies

Tips to get rid of insects from the best pest control companies

Due to the large number of companies currently present in the market and the presence of fierce competition between them, in addition to the presence of a large number of companies that do not fulfill their promises, access to the best pest control companies has become very difficult and needs experts, and thanks to the spread of technology and scientific development that we have reached these days, it has become one of It is very unpleasant to be in a place where insects, reptiles, or rodents are infested, especially if the place is the house you live in or the company where you spend most of your time.


Insects not only cause disease transmission and negative impact on your health but also cause visual pollution and this will give a bad impression on people whether this impression is that the people in this place do not take care of hygiene and may also give the impression that the people in the place are uncivilized.

For these reasons that I have already mentioned, all the people in the place are looking for radical solutions to help them get rid of insects in the place where they live or work, and often fail to reach a solution, especially when they do not address the factors that cause the spread of insects in the place.

Thus, the safest solution for these people is to resort to a company specialized in extermination and control of insects to use the company’s expertise to treat the problem, and it is worth noting that such companies have become abundant in

 In this article, we will talk about the most important tips provided by the best pest control companies to avoid the spread of insects in the place where we are, and thus this will help us to avoid the aggravation of the problem and therefore we will not resort to pest control companies.

Reasons for the spread of ants in the place

Despite the many benefits of ants to the environment as they fight a lot of harmful insects, ants take these harmful insects as food for them, despite that, the presence of ants in the house is a source of great damage to furniture such as doors and things made of wood, and in this vein we must mention that it causes damage It is great for floors and ceramics, because it digs holes in it, which causes the passage of time to subside the ground, in addition to the damage it causes to the food that reaches it.

Ants feed on sugar crumbs, tree leaves, food residues, and harmful insects. Therefore, there is no place inside the house that does not have ant food. Therefore, you can find that ants spread anywhere in the house, whether the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

types of ants

One of the most famous types of ants is the tumbler ants, and there are more than one color, such as yellow, brown, black and red, and they like to live in wet places where there is wood.

And when we mentioned the damage of ants to wood, we must think directly about the black ants or known as carpenter ants, they dig wood for the purpose of building their nest, and if they are in one of the houses, make sure that they will damage the furniture, so we advise you to get rid of them as quickly as possible, this type of ants is characterized It is longer than the other types, ranging in length from 6 to 13 millimeters

As for the third type of ants, they are crazy ants, and you can find help from the name of this type, the most important characteristics that distinguish it. He called him crazy because he moves crazy and irregularly, and one of the most famous places where he resides is the garbage, under the carpet and between cracks

There are other types of ants that cause severe damage to humans, the most famous of which are fire ants, termites, field ants, dark rover ants, Argentine ants, and flying ants, and there are many types of ants that the article will not be enough to mention all in detail.

Tips from pest control companies to avoid the spread of ants in the house

Ant extermination companies have provided us with a set of tips that will help those affected in limiting the spread of ants. If the spread of ants can be controlled, but if the spread of ants cannot be controlled, it is better to use one of the specialized companies to benefit from their experiences, and the most important of these tips are the following: :

1- Take care of the cleanliness of the place to the utmost degree

2- Dispose of garbage periodically and quickly

3- Good ventilation of the place

4- Repair any fractures or leaks in the place that will be a humid and suitable environment for ants

5- Continuous maintenance of furniture and windows, making sure that there are no holes in the wall or floor

6- Put the pepper powder on the place where the ants spread

7- Using some safe insecticides that do not harm human health

 The reasons for the spread of cockroaches in the place

One of the most common reasons that lead to the spread of cockroaches is the dirt of the place, and cockroaches love to spread next to the sewers, and cockroaches lead to the spread of many diseases that harm human health, because cockroaches carry many germs and diseases because of their upbringing in an unclean environment.

There are more than 3,200 species of cockroaches, of which only 20 are kind that like to coexist with humans, such as the wood cockroach, the German cockroach and the American cockroach.

Tips from cockroach control companies to avoid the spread of cockroach in the house

1- Maintain the cleanliness of the place and the kitchen in particular

2- Not to leave any rubbish, as well as not to leave food uncovered

3- Fix any place that helps cockroaches enter the place

4- Covering any sewer holes or leaks so that they do not infiltrate the place

5- Using substances that make cockroaches avoid entering the place, such as baking soda with sugar, or using a mixture of pepper and garlic

6- You can use cockroach paste or use insecticides in case you feel the presence of a cockroach

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