The danger of the spread of ants in Kuwait and methods of controlling termites in Kuwait and termite spraying companies in Kuwait

The danger of the spread of ants in Kuwait and methods of controlling termites in Kuwait and termite spraying companies in Kuwait

The danger of the spread of ants in Kuwait and methods of controlling termites in Kuwait and termite spraying companies in Kuwait

The spread of ants is a great danger to the places they infest, because they eat furniture and destroy everything in the house and gnaw on the bones of the walls of the house, which collapses and may cause the walls to crack.

Therefore, many contracting companies resort to requesting the services of Al-Fayrouz Company, which is the best termite control company in Kuwait, because of its good reputation, praised by all those who dealt with it, whether individuals or public and private contracting companies.


Ground control company in Kuwait

Many people cannot differentiate between termites and regular ants due to their similarity in shape and quality of food. We offer the head of the family some simple tricks that enable her to expel ants outside the house, as follows:


The use of cinnamon by placing it in separate places in the house, because it contains oils that prevent ants from being present in these places.

We recommend using lemon when cleaning the house because it works on the shine of the floors and expels ants from the house.

Bitter cucumber and mint are also used to eliminate ants from homes by placing them in holes and crevices frequented by ants.

You can also use salt, vinegar, and black pepper by placing them in the cleaning water, as they work to expel ants from the places.

Treating termites in Kuwait

We will show you the work steps that the cheapest termite control company in Kuwait follows in order to eliminate ants inside buildings, as the work is done as follows:


After inspecting the place and agreeing with the client on the price of the service provided, the company's technicians go to the workplace according to the time agreed upon with the client.

The technician prepares the appropriate pesticide for the type of ants in the place, with a concentration that is greater than the concentration of the landfill spray.

Slots are made in the floors with a length of about 30 cm, and this is in the corners and sides so that we do not distort the place.

A large amount of pesticide is placed in these openings and completely covered.

Then we seal those holes with white cement.

Spraying termite exterminator in Kuwait

The termite control company in Kuwait

The termite control company in Kuwait

Al-Fayrouz uses the world-renowned Biflex pesticides, and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of the insecticide products. Among its most important characteristics, we mention to you the following:


Its smell is light and not pungent, so it does not negatively affect the health of children or the elderly.

It is mildly toxic to humans when sprayed or used as an injection.

It does not cause allergies to the skin or chest and does not irritate the skin, and it is also safe on green areas and all types of plants and crops.

Its effect extends for more than twenty years from the time of the beginning of the spray.

The eradication of termites in Kuwait

Termites are eliminated at all risks by using insecticides designated for this, and this is done in two stages, which are as follows:


The first stage: It is before pouring by spraying on the landfill to ensure that the sprayed pesticide is completely absorbed.

The second stage: after the completion of the construction process, and here the place is sprayed from the inside by injection and a cordon is made around the house with the deadly pesticide for termites to ensure that it does not enter the place again.

Termite control before construction

One of the most successful operations to prevent termite intrusion into homes is to control it before the construction process. This is done by trained specialists affiliated with the termite control company in Kuwait, where the process is carried out according to the following steps:


A liter of Biflex pesticide is used after diluting it with about 200 liters of water and spraying it over an area of ​​100 meters.

After spraying the burial, we cover it with plastic bags for 24 hours, after which we do the cleaning pour.

We give the customer a fifteen year warranty certificate on the spraying process.

The termite control company in Kuwait offers citizens the cheapest prices in return for the best unparalleled spraying and extermination operations. We aim to reach all the customers who wish to deal with us and benefit from the services of our esteemed company.

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