Home pest control companies in Kuwait Pest and rodent control, bug and cockroach control, one year guarantee.

Home pest control companies in Kuwait Pest and rodent control, bug and cockroach control, one year guarantee.

Home pest control companies in Kuwait Pest and rodent control, bug and cockroach control, one year guarantee.


Insect spraying company in Kuwait

Combating all kinds of insects, rodent control, bug control and cockroach control, with guarantee and warranty. Termite control. Karma Kuwaiti company is considered the best insect control company in Kuwait.


Are you looking for the best pest and rodent control companies in Kuwait?


The Kuwaiti Karma Insect Control Company, the best and cheapest for the extermination of flying and crawling insects. We spray and sterilize to obtain high quality insect control and the immediate contact number for pest control Kuwait.


If you choose us, the management of this site believes that any opinions about the use of pesticides should be based on factual scientific evidence. We are not scientists so we will strive to provide some basic information collected from reliable sources and provide links to sources that have information of interest to ordinary consumers.





Best price for pest control

Many insecticide-related problems are caused by unprepared consumers who refuse to read labels and follow precautions.


For this reason, we suggest through the Kuwait Pest Control website that the specialists of the Kuwait Pest Control Company should be consulted.


Most will try to find integrated pest management solutions that do not necessarily require the use of pesticides.


If you use insecticides, be sure to read and follow label directions, that's the law.




What are the pesticides with the best pesticide spraying company

Pesticides are chemicals used to control insects and the word “insecticide” is often confused with the word “pesticide” as it is just one of the many types of pesticides we advise you to choose.


Effectiveness of insecticides on insects

Insecticide spraying company in Kuwait Insecticide may kill the insect by touching it or it may need to be swallowed to be effective.


Some insecticides kill both through touch and swallowing. Insecticides may be absorbed, injected, or fed into the plant or animal to be protected. When the insect feeds on this plant or animal, it takes the chemical and kills it and gets rid of it.


Does the effectiveness of insecticides differ?

Yes, pesticides vary in the numbers of different types of insects they kill.

Some insecticides only kill a few types of insects.

Sometimes you can choose these insecticides when you want to kill only one insect pest and not other beneficial insects in the area.

Many insecticides are broad spectrum purpose killers and these pesticides are used when several different types of insects and one chemical can kill them all.

There is no insecticide that can kill all insects. Each is different from the types of insects you want to control.

The best home pest control company

Insects that infect homes have many types, and these types differ from one infected place to another, and all of them are worth fighting for. An insect control company must be contacted to carry out disinfection.


We deal with all kinds of insects

1 - bed bugs


Bed bugs are very dangerous because of the psychological, physical and health problems they produce for family members.


And of its types (bugs - fleas).


2 - cockroaches


Cockroaches are brown flying insects that like to live in damp and wet places. They are suitable for kitchen and toilets.


3 - Ants


Ants are many types that infect homes, stores, and restaurants, and they have a large spread base among human dwellings.


4 - flying insects


Such as mosquitoes, mosquitoes and flies, and this type causes many diseases and contributes greatly to spreading infection among healthy people.


What are the ways to control house insects?

Methods of controlling home insects vary according to the type of insect in the affected place and the size and duration of the infestation.

Spraying is one of the effective methods with insects in general, but its success or failure depends on the type of pesticide used in the control.

The pesticides used must be commercially popular, safe for humans and pets, and not expired.

The use of powders, pastes and other means of control, and the pests are completely eliminated.

The danger of insects to public health

Harmful to human and animal health and crops, and its harm extends to physical, psychological and health aspects


From the damage of ants

From the damage of ants

Insect damage

Insect damage


Health, psychological and economic damage

Health, psychological and economic damage

How do insects cause disease?

How do insects cause disease?


health aspect

Insects, due to their access to human blood, such as bedbugs, fleas and mosquitoes, affect the rate of infection spread among humans.


materialistic aspect

From a material point of view, the effect of insects is not denied by anyone. For example, ants and termites cause the demolition of buildings, the death of perennial trees and the destruction of furniture.


psychological aspect

There is no doubt that the presence of insects in human life results in psychological problems and a feeling of discomfort inside the home, kitchen or bed.


Unregistered pesticides brought in from other countries for safety purposes have not been evaluated by the Ministry of Health, and may not be properly labeled or packaged for safe use in Kuwait.


Why are we the best control company in Kuwait?

For several reasons, including that we are one of the companies that provide services to all citizens within the State of Kuwait and all governorates, from immediate extermination and spraying of pesticides to all types of household pests.


The best rodent control company

This is due to the following reasons mentioned:


We are considered the oldest pest control company in the State of Kuwait and our experience in pest control operations exceeds 20 years.

The elite of engineers and experts possess the most skilled, experienced and highly knowledgeable in getting rid of all insects and rodents.

Follow modern methods and methods in the process of combating insects and rodents of all types and sizes and from all species.

Using the best and finest products and pesticides licensed by the Ministry of Health Kuwaiti and safe for humans and animals.

Conducting experiments on all types of pesticides before using them and promoting them to consumers.

Providing advice to customers by the control team to culminate the process of getting rid of insects and fulfill the purpose.

All works of the pest and rodent control company are guaranteed and guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of the work.

Periodic follow-up service from the specialized Kuwait Service pest control team.

Providing courses to the work teams periodically to inform the team of the latest methods of dealing with pesticides.

Licensed Insecticides

Starting October 1, 2018, you can no longer bring unregistered pesticides into Kuwait if they are not safe and authorized globally and are on the list already registered in Kuwait for personal use in or around your home.


The best pest control company in the Arab world, especially Kuwait

Everyone who carries out the process of controlling insects and pests must apply for a license and you will no longer be allowed to buy unregistered insecticides on the Internet and send them to Kuwait. The product must be paid by the buyer in Kuwait from an authorized store.


The updated regulations state that the pesticide must:

Don't be anonymous

Do not exceed 500ml or 500gm in quantity

Be in original packaging with an original label that must be in at least one official language

Its use as a pesticide is authorized in another country and the assigned authorization number is responsible for reporting health and safety concerns


Report any unlicensed pest control company

All insecticide products registered for use in Kuwait have a registration number on the label.


It is important to read the label on an insecticide carefully, as it also contains specific information about using the product safely.


Tips from a professional pest control company

Tips to adhere to

Not to deal with companies that use unlicensed insect control products or are not linked to safety guidelines from the manufacturer, which the law is required to report to the Ministry of Health.


You can use Health's online pesticide label database to access all registered pesticides in Kuwait.




Rodent control in Kuwait

The use of adhesive tapes that help eliminate them.

Use traps and place them on the place where mice appear.

Attention to the provision of pesticides to eliminate the nest of mice because the previous methods could not eliminate mice.

It is difficult to verify insect death from chemical injections, so it is often recommended to follow up with an overdose of the pesticide. Using the best methods of rat control is important, but you have to know where the rats come from and close it or block a window.


mice damage

mice damage


The best rodenticide

Rodenticides are chemicals used to control rats, mice, bats, and other rodents.


Chemicals that control other mammals, birds, and fish are also categorized into this category by regulatory agencies.


Most rodenticides are stomach poisons and are often used as bait.


Pest repellents are not even used on large surfaces because of the dangers to desired pets or wildlife and are usually applied in limited areas such as runways, known feeding spots, or as bait.


deworming spray company

Nematodes are a small, hair-like worm, many of which live in the soil and feed on the roots of plants.


Very few of these worms live above ground and soil fumigation is used to control nematodes in the soil.



They are chemicals used to combat snails and slugs. Usually the chemicals must be eaten by pests to work. Baits are often used to attract and kill snails or slugs.


insect repellent

A repellent is an insecticide that makes a site or food unattractive to the target pest. It is registered in the same way as other pesticides and must be used according to the label.


Insect repellent is available as a lotion and can be applied to skin, clothing or plants to repel killer insects and nuisances.


Vertebrate repellents

Concentrates are available to be mixed with water, powders and granules.


It can be sprayed or painted on nursery crops, ornamentals, orchards, vegetables, and seeds. It can protect cats, dogs, birds and other pets from harm.


home insect control

If there was any problem that appeared because of insects and led you to leave the place, this is not a solution to the problem at all. Rather, you left an opportunity for insects to grow and multiply in the place. Here are the ways to help you eliminate them and the consequences that appear over time.


Flies: Flies are exterminated in the following ways:


Spray on the ground of the place at night one of the pesticides and then sweep the ground in the morning.

Spraying insecticide-killing chemical poisons on windows, doors, and in areas where flies are spread, and make sure that you are safe for your children without having a child near these pesticides and poisons.



Use sticky papers or those that have flies varnish on them and put them in the place where flies breed in abundance, and leave the flies to stick on them and then burn the paper.

The use of spray repellants in controlling flies is effective after closing the windows and doors, and then burning it after church and Friday.

Catnip is also used to repel flies, put an appropriate amount of one of these types in flower pots or hang them on windows or by decorating the window with these plants leads to the elimination of insects before they are disposed of or enter the place, so please contact and choose the best spray companies insects in Kuwait.

flies from It is one of the most common flying insects that spread in the summer and cause disturbance in the place and can transmit many diseases and cause human death.


Best pesticide spraying company

Best pesticide spraying company


We were able to gather as much information as possible about the control of this insect with ease, and it is possible to choose the best appropriate methods for you in the extermination work:


The best mosquito control company

Pour gasoline into the drains, especially in summer.

Use of pesticide spraying after being closed windows and doors.

Mosquitoes are insects that feed on human blood and can transmit any disease or cause death. Getting rid of them is very easy, so choose the closest methods available to you to get rid of mosquitoes with insect spray companies in Kuwait.


The best ant control company

Ants still gather on bread crumbs or leftovers on tables and food cupboards.


Colonies of termites and black ants

Colonies of termites and black ants


Under the legs of tables or cabinets, place a small dish of water with a layer of gasoline on it, but not a lot.

Spray the cracks in which the ants are sheltered with an insecticide powder.

Get rid of ants in the house, especially the kitchen, put cumin in the corners of the place where the ants are and leave it overnight.

Sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon where you think it is the entrance to the ants.

Mix a third of a cup of water, a third of a cup of white vinegar, two soap cubes, put it in a spray bottle, and spray the place of ants and their gathering places.

You can see Wikipedia for more information or contact a pest control company in Kuwait.


Eliminate cockroaches

Make a spray of soapy water and spray it on the abdomen area in order to get rid of cockroaches.

Alcohol helps eliminate cockroaches directly.

Boric acid powder and put a little sugar and milk on it in order to get rid of it completely through a paste and put it all over the house. Call the house cleaning company from insects.

Best cockroach control company

Best cockroach control company


cockroach insect


Cockroaches are insects that seem to breed very quickly and spread very quickly, so get rid of them immediately. We offer you the best methods of prevention.




Always woolen or fur clothes or blankets and rugs for sun and air, and thoroughly brushed to make it easier to remove eggs, small worms and other insects.


After that, they are kept in clean boxes when kept in tightly closed cartons containing a little mothballs, or pieces of soap with a fragrant smell.


The best home pest control company

To keep clothes from moth, you should hang small bags containing a few mothballs or soap bars.


Dementia is one of the insects that you cannot see with the naked eye at all and cannot be sensed. It is a small insect that appears in clothes, leaving behind thousands of insects through the eggs. You have to take care of the control methods for this insect, which helps preserve clothes, so choose to contact the best pest control companies in Kuwait

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