Fighting German and American cockroaches in Kuwait and spraying all kinds of cockroaches in Kuwait

Fighting German and American cockroaches in Kuwait and spraying all kinds of cockroaches in Kuwait

There are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches

exist in the world. Fortunately, only four

The species lives in the northern part of the United States

join! These four types are: German,

Brown ray (also known as cockroach

brown striped and brown scale cockroach), and

oriental (also known as water bugs),

And the American cockroaches that roam the world,

Living with people almost everywhere

the whole earth.

The presence of cockroaches in the house

Concerns home residents and

of apartments. Part of this concern

This is because a lot of people don't like to have any of them

Bug in the house. Also, there is an error

Believing that cockroaches only live

Dirty houses, then there is a negative stigma

It is related to their possession. Many people know

I'm ashamed to admit that they are involved

Your house with cockroaches.

Simply the fact is that cockroaches

They live in places of all ethnic groups and with

People of all social classes. does not

home business well do not want

We say the person will get it automatically

Invasion Likewise, cleaning

Taher does not prevent you from getting cockroaches.

Because they are usually taken to a place of residence

that are not spread through activities

Human rights, even clean housing can be


However, a clean and orderly home does not do that

It will contain as many cockroaches as the mirror house

Messy and dirty, because there is less

Food for cockroaches to eat and less

hiding places. Other factors such as

Moisture, leaky faucets, etc

Water sources are very important factors

affect infection levels. you will know

How to modify these factors to turn off

Infestation of cockroaches in the fifth chapter.

cockroaches and health


food poisoning. do you know about him

That cockroaches have been involved in cases

Salmonella food poisoning? also

They can be carriers of staphylococcus, streptococcus,

coliforms and other bacterial pathogens in


The main cause of cockroaches

It harbors and transmits pathogens

is that they eat practically everything, including

Leftovers in kitchen waste and in

Cat litter box. after eating,

Disease bacteria can be preserved

in the gastrointestinal tract for a month or more. Plus

Late, food for humans or utensils

Kitchen utensils can be contaminated with feces

(Excrement) cockroaches. cockroaches

It can transmit microbes automatically

Walking on bacteria-filled materials

Then when you walk on the dishes and on

Eat knives.

Allergies and asthma. some people

Allergy to cockroaches. in infested homes

From cockroaches and proteins in

Crushed fragments of cockroach body

And in the feces they become one of the components

dust in the house. after breathing

Dust in a house full of cockroaches and children

And adults who are allergic to dust develop

Allergy symptoms are similar to fever symptoms

Hay: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing.

Some people who are allergic to

Cockroaches can have asthma, which can also be

A life-threatening medical condition. asthma

Characterized by a chronic disorder of the lungs

due to airway obstruction. The

Asthma symptoms include coughing, wheezing, and difficulty

when you breathe. More severe asthma attacks

can cause death

Nearly 20 million Americans

He suffers from asthma which has grown tremendously in him

past decades. There are ethnic differences in

Incidence and mortality associated with asthma.

Children who live in an urban neighborhood, in

High density housing, in particular

African American and Hispanic children have more

chance of developing asthma. Although asthma can

Be caused by different possibilities and allergens

From cockroaches in a large indoor environment

Asthma triggers. Investigations

Scientific studies have shown that 23 to 60 percent

Percent of people living in urban areas

Asthma are allergic to cockroaches.

About 50 percent of cases

Asthma due to allergy. Studies

showed that most people with asthma

Who are allergic to allergens of cockroaches

He'll have an asthma attack after just one

Inhalation of allergens. Others are possible

Asthma triggers include mites and skin

Dry from animals, mold and tobacco smoke.

People with asthma may react with more

Identify and reduce allergens

Exposure to all allergens is essential

Effectively control asthma.

For people who are allergic to

Allergens of cockroaches, take steps to

Reduce or eliminate cockroach populations

It will help reduce exposure to allergens and

It can prevent asthma attacks.

Can I control

cockroaches myself?

You might be wondering, “Can I myself

Trying to control cockroaches in my house, or

Do I need a pesticide? rent a service

For pest control can be useful as

Part of your cockroach control program,

Especially if you have a severe injury

and/or does not want to deal with pesticides. the use

It also requires safe clothing from pesticides

Appropriate protective equipment and some equipment may be required


The main advantage of do it yourself

It is cost saving. Another advantage is that

You know your house better than a person

Unknown. For example, do you know where

Cockroaches hiding areas, since then

You are there often, you can

Better monitor progress and evaluate efforts

control. In addition to insecticide treatments

They are only one aspect of cockroach control,

These may be pest control companies

Don't select other important tactics

necessary for effective control.

Did you know that most pesticides

Registered for cockroach control

General purpose insecticide? Insecticides for

General use can be used without training

Especially, although it is still important to read and

Follow label instructions. some

Manufacturers mark their own insecticides for

Cockroach control "used only by technicians

Testimonials", which means you don't

You can use it only if you have taken

Training and pass an exam to get it

State license to use it. The

Most of the products are for professional use

It is marketed to professionals

Even these pest control managers

Products not found in supermarkets,

In hardware stores, or discount stores in

Where might you go first to try it

buy them. But there are very effective products—

Some are identical to those sold in

Professionals - who may

You can find it locally.

Whether you want to do it yourself

Or you want to hire a professional, you need to know

What are the most effective products and how to use them

in a safe and effective manner. you will know

About them in chapters 6-9 of this guide.

But do not skip chapters 2 to 5. In these chapters

You will learn the secrets to make sure that

The control program is a success.

Tactics method


Since cockroaches adapt very quickly,

The most effective type of cockroach control

Use several methods simultaneously to reduce

Cockroach populations. specialists

Pest control farms used this

way for years. This method of multiple tactics

It's called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The basic components of MIP are:

1) Identify the pest.

2) Understand biology and behavior

from the plague.

3) Determine if control is needed.

4) Determine all control measures that are

appropriate to the specific situation,

Including measures without chemicals or with


5) implement safe monitoring tactics and


6) Evaluation of control efforts.

When dealing with cockroaches, this method

From IPM includes first monitoring

Suspected areas

To find pest types and find out where

The injury is localized before it is applied

treatments. Then it would be nice if you

Look at the same areas to see how well they work

It was your control program. prevent them from entering

Using good health practices that cover

cracks and crevices, carefully place the grafts,

Use of insect growth regulators

With low toxicity insecticides are tactics

It will put the cockroach problem under control.

Regardless of whether you decide to do it for or not

on your own or if you decide to hire a

Pest control to help you with the application

For pesticides, this guide will introduce tactics

From the basic control needed to eliminate

Cockroaches in your home. If every file

Control tactics, cuts can be achieved

A large number of cockroaches. The

Complete removal is possible

know your enemy

The first step to pest control

It is knowing the type of pest you are dealing with.

Prefer each type of domestic cockroach

Different area in the dwelling, so

It is important to determine the type of cockroach

For the best control. cockroach epidemic

It has individuals of different sizes, including

To adult winged cockroaches (usually)

That breed and individual cockroaches

immature without wings crickets immature and

Adults, unlike other insects, for example

Butterflies live in the same habitat and eat

The same meals.

Immature cockroaches, known as

Nymphs are smaller than adults and children

They come out of the capsules, which are deposited by the adult female.

As the nymph grows, it loses its "skin" or exoskeleton.

So that it can grow larger. every stage

nymphal is larger than its predecessor, and

Adult after the last nymph stage. Figure 2-

2 shows the life cycle (egg, nymph, adult)

German cockroach. Although it only appears

Two stages of nymphal, the German cockroach has

At least six. Each type of cockroach has

Unique number of immature stages (see chapter


All stages can be selected, but

Characteristics of adults are larger and more

different, so let's focus on it

identify adults. Refer to parts

The body of an adult cockroach is in Figure 2-3.

head. On top of cockroaches

Parts of the mouth used for chewing or

Scrape food that is too large

Let the cockroach swallow it whole. cockroaches

They have a pair of compound eyes, but they have

Poor vision but they can

know your enemy

Figure 2-2. cockroach life cycle

German, similar to other types of


Figure 2-3. body compositions



US Department of Agriculture

cockroach control guide

Easily distinguishes between light and dark.

You may have noticed that these pests

It is nocturnal (active at night and hidden

today) because it is photophilous. other

The structure on the head is a pair of long antennae,

Very well developed, their sensory organs

They use it to detect smells and vibrations in the air.

Inside their heads they have a small mind

It coordinates the various functions of the body.

chest. In the rib cage, all cockroaches have

Three pairs of legs. mostly adults

Domestic species have two pairs of wings,

Although there is only one species, the oriental cockroach,

It has poorly developed wings in both sexes. still

The winged species is poor in flight, but it has

Excellent operating skills. many types

Cockroaches can defy the law of gravity

And pass through the wall or ceiling.

They have a large chest structure in

In the form of a plate directly behind the head. he is

Structure, Prylotum, And Color Patterns Which

Distinguish some types of cockroaches, that's right

It is an important anatomical feature.

abdomen. Keeps the cockroach belly

Reproductive system. eggs locked

In a hard capsule that protects them from drying out. The

Female of a kind, German cockroach, shipping

The capsule with it until almost eggs

ready to go. See Table 2-1 for what

Public places where you can find eggs

of all kinds. cockroaches do not appear

Father's care and can be a cannibal, for them

They eat their young if there is no food available. that they

They also eat wounded cockroaches and


At the end of the abdomen, there is a pair of cercis

Projections that are your sensory organs.

cercis works in a similar way to that of

Pneumatic, detecting vibrations through the air or

flat. cercis are directly related to Cockroach legs by ganglia

From the abdomen (such as the second brain), the

It is an important adaptation for survival.

When a cockroach "feels" the presence

cercis, their legs start to run, even before

until the brain receives a signal. as soon as one

The cockroach starts running, you have to be

fast enough to catch it.

Select your cockroaches

Use the following or those pictures

Found on the back cover

From a guide to identify your cockroaches.

If you find a rare cockroach, take it to a

Insect scientist to get to know him. to remember,

This guide only talks about cockroaches

Common found in northern states.

Southern states have all these cockroaches and

others more.

cockroach control guide

 (J. Kalish 1995)

Figure 3-1. “Ouch...a cockroach in our dinner! Crush it my love, Crush it! "

Chapter 3

cockroach biology

cockroach biology

Cockroaches are very primitive insects.

Their ancestors lived 200-350 million years ago.

Years in the Carboniferous, even before

dinosaurs. This geological period sometimes

It's called "crickets time" because

It was abundantly available. At this time, the climate

The earth was warm and humid, perfect conditions

to multiply vigorously. anyway

Now the weather is cooler and

Less humidity, types of cockroaches today

Today they are surprisingly similar to these

Preserved in fossils from a very distant past.

living requirements

In general, cockroaches adapt

To live with people you need four things

Living successfully in a house. They need

Water, food, shelter and warmth. when we were

We do our daily activities (cooking,

eat, bathe), we give it to them

These requirements and this is the cause of cockroaches

They live well with us. cockroaches

They will not generally live well in a

vacant housing All different cockroaches

It has slightly different needs, which

It will help you know where to inspect until then

Then include this information in your efforts

the control.

life cycle,

Behavior and Habitat

The cockroach is very powerful. The

A cockroach can only grow on crumbs and cans

Survive for two weeks without food and water. The

Cockroaches often live in cracks and crevices

So small that we can easily bypass it

for height. Since they are such good survivors, it is

It is necessary to have a good basic knowledge of

Cockroach life cycle and behavior

and their habitat before attempting any method

control. Information about how long

How long do cockroaches live, and the number of their eggs

They are called their life cycle. habits

Or the things they do throughout their lifecycle

They can consider their behavior. The

Where do cockroaches live and eat?

He calls his home. life cycle behavior

And it will go to the habitat of every type of cockroach

Describe in detail.





life cycle. The

The German cockroach has

Huge ability

to produce offspring.

German cockroach

The female produces a

capsule (the term

world ootheca) contains 30-40 eggs.

The female holds the capsule for approximately

Three weeks until the day the young hatch.

Then it hides before it releases its capsule.

This behavior reduces some of the potential damage to

The female and her eggs. German cockroaches

Immature (nymphs) grow rapidly when

The conditions are favorable. nymphs that come out

From the capsules, her skin falls off (shedding).

skin) six or seven times in about 60 days.

After moving last time, it was cockroaches

Adults come out with full wings and sex


German female cockroach can

Produces up to eight capsules and over 300

Totally puppies! If half of the nymphs are female,

Each of them produces 300 and a half nymphs

Of these female nymphs, each produces

300 mermaids... I think you started with that

Get an idea! In theory it is possible that German female cockroach produces more than

100,000 cockroaches a year! (Fig. 3-3)

behavior and habitat. The

German cockroaches hang out or congregate

In hot, humid and dark places

They are close to food and water. love the

Porous surfaces such as wood, paper, or

Cardboard is much better than non-existent surfaces

Porous like metal. cockroaches "Mark"

These porous surfaces with pheromone

The assembly present in their feces. pheromone

It is a chemical produced by a cockroach

It affects the behavior of other cockroaches. he is

Aggregation pheromone attracts other cockroaches,

Especially in the immature stages

Young children, who usually stay in this

Hidden places to grow. These cockroaches

Little ones don't need to venture into the rest

world for food because they eat from

Excrement of adult cockroaches. some examples

From the places where they meet in the cracks

and indentations in countertops, in cabinets

of wood, in wall cavities and in

ceilings, in and around refrigerators,

In electric dishwashers, stoves and washing machines

Clothes dryers and water heaters.

German cockroaches are great

Need water and more vulnerable to it

Found infested kitchens or bathrooms. yes

Food, water and shelter are provided,

Cockroaches can multiply

quickly when the temperature is warm.

When any of these are restricted or canceled

Sources, the population can grow and even

can be lacking.

inspection. Check for cockroaches

German (dead or alive), cockroach excrement

(See Figure 3-10), shed or shed skins

And check for empty capsules. concentrate on

Efforts in areas not covered

From high humidity where

Water (kitchens and bathrooms). Use sticky traps

To detect injuries and help in the calculation

How big is the cockroach problem?

(Chapter 4).

cockroach brown ray

(Sobella Longibalba)

life cycle. The capsule containing

13-18 eggs, stuck in the hidden places in

Habitat, like furniture, behind

Paintings, walls and ceilings. children come out

From capsule in about 50 days. In the

Spawning life (about six months), and

Female brown striped cockroach (also known as

Like the brown striped cockroach and

brown strip) can deposit up to 14 capsules.

The nymphs shed their skin six to eight times

In the period of five to six months before departure

Like a sexually mature adult with wings already

advanced. Male brown striped cockroach

They fly easily when disturbed.

A female cockroach has only one brown striped

Production capacity of approximately 250

Puppies. But because of the long time it takes

Nymphs become sexually adults

Mature, large populations do not reproduce As fast as the German cockroach.

Also, because the capsules are stuck in things

from the environment, prone to drought,

To be attacked by fungi and other factors

Deaths that contribute to

Low reproduction rate. cockroach infestation

Brown rays are less common than those in

German cockroaches.

behavior and habitat. The

The largest population of striped cockroaches

Coffee can be found in areas of higher altitude

Temperatures. They don't need the same amount of water

German cockroaches breed

Often in the driest places. Often

They are located at or above eye level

Above, like cabinets, around

Closet compartments, back

crates, in warm areas near engines

Refrigerators, electric clocks and televisions.

Other favorite habitat places are those

About armrests and

Kitchen table, about the things on the

walls and showers. It could be your capsules

Found stuck on rough surfaces as in

Ornate walls and ceilings but also

It can be found around the utility room

Kitchen (laundry), desks, tables and in

Other furniture (Fig. 3-5).

inspection. Searching operations

Similar to that of German cockroaches, but

Also look for feces and skins left behind,

Live or dead cockroaches and capsules

Paste them in the places on

higher and drier regions. Since cockroaches

The brown streak takes longer to develop and

Incubation of eggs, it is especially important

Watch them for a long time.

oriental cockroach

(Blatta orientalis)


from life. a

female cockroach

Eastern Produce

less than offspring


German female

or brown bar. she

can produce

up to eight

capsules in

season, but

less capsules

(less than

one per year)

are produced in

areas where

winter is cold,

As in Nebraska.

number of offspring

It can be very low

Like 16, what

is the number

the eggs in it

capsule it

be perfect


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