Cockroach control company in Kuwait

Cockroach control company in Kuwait

How to get rid of cockroaches permanently

Getting rid of cockroaches overnight is something that every person who has seen a cockroach in their home would wish for. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat and prevent cockroach infestations in the home.

For many, cockroaches are a source of disgust but for others, they are cute insects and are bred as pets. There are more than 4,500 species of cockroaches around the world, living on six continents so it is no wonder that a number of them make their way into our homes. Unfortunately for these species, they transmit diseases that are incompatible with human life.


Here we will learn how to get rid of the problem of cockroaches. We will review the best ways to quickly get rid of a cockroach infestation. Finally, we will study possible ways to prevent cockroaches from coming back home.

How do you check if you have a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches multiply quickly so if you only see one or two, don't assume those are the only ones in your house. Below, we will review some of the signs of cockroaches that you should look out for if you are wondering if you have cockroaches in your home. There are some signs that you may have a serious cockroach infestation.

Signs that the problem is simple

If you are in the early stages of an infestation, you may still be able to get rid of roaches on your own. You'll find cockroach exoskeletons, black droppings, and markings on roofs and floors. You will also notice damage to your food packaging and also cause damage to other things like leather and books.


Signs that the injury is large and serious

If you notice the following, this is a sign that you are dealing with a major cockroach infestation: Cockroaches run away when you turn on the lights with noticing cockroach eggs in multiple places and a lot of droppings. Furthermore, you may notice a musty smell; This characteristic smell is always a sign of a very severe cockroach infestation.



Ways to get rid of cockroaches


Mothballs act as a deterrent and antagonist for cockroaches as the smell of mothballs obstructs the respiratory system and makes it difficult for them to breathe.

Place two or three mothballs in the areas where you have seen roaches and they will stay away.


bay leaves

Crushing some bay leaves is another answer for how to get rid of cockroaches.

If you want home remedies for cockroaches, this trick may help you get rid of them as well. Crush some bay leaves and sprinkle them in cupboards or in places where you see cockroaches. You can boil some leaves and sprinkle water containing leaf extract in the affected corners.



This may come as a bit of a shock but some people have experienced using cucumber as a way to repel roaches. According to some sources, cucumber peel is supposed to kill cockroaches because the peel gives off an unpleasant smell to cockroaches. However, it is not recommended to use this method to combat the usual cockroach problems.


petroleum jelly

Do you have some Vaseline in the cupboard? Although it is not repellent or poisonous to cockroaches, it can be an essential part of a great cockroach trap.

Get an empty glass jar. Put a little bait on the bottom. Then rub Vaseline on the top half of the jar. In this way, cockroaches can easily climb up to get food but cannot get out again.


Try using an insect growth regulator

If you have a cockroach infestation, purchase an insect growth regulator such as a pyriproxifen compound spray. These products focus on cockroaches in the egg and nymph stages and often make them unable to reproduce or mature into adults and thus reduce their numbers.

Insect growth regulators are best used in conjunction with products that kill adult cockroaches because they often do not work on fully-grown cockroaches and can take several months to have a noticeable effect.


Collect cockroaches and get rid of them using glue traps

Glue traps are one of the safest and most effective solutions for killing cockroaches.

Glue traps are strips or tubes covered with a sticky substance and can quickly catch cockroaches within 24 or 48 hours. Since these traps will not work for large infestations, they can help monitor the severity of the cockroach infestation and indicate the severity of the problem.


Get rid of cockroaches with essential oils

You can make a spray of at least 2.5% essential oil mixed with water, then spray it around the areas where roaches might enter or where you've seen them.

Below are several oils that have been shown to be effective against certain types of cockroaches.

Citrus: A 2009 study found that a variety of citrus essential oils including grapefruit, lemon, and orange were effective in repelling several types of cockroaches. This is likely due to limonene, a chemical in citrus peels that is used as an insect repellent.


Lemon kefir: In a 2007 study, researchers found that lemon kefir oil was 100 percent effective in repelling both American cockroaches and German cockroaches.


Oregano (Marjoram): In a 2016 study that focused on the brown cockroach, oregano oil was 96.5% to 99.1% effective at repelling pests.


Rosemary: In the same 2016 study, research found rosemary oil to be toxic to brown cockroaches with a 100% mortality rate after 24 hours of exposure to the oil at a concentration of at least 2.5%.



Cockroaches can be eliminated by confronting them yourself or calling a pest exterminator. Either way, spraying pesticides is a great way to kill cockroaches.

If you choose to use insecticidal sprays, be sure to purchase high-quality, odorless water-based sprays. Non-water based sprays can stain furniture, floors, or walls. When using a nebulizer, care must be taken because it is dangerous to inhale the insecticide.


How to prevent cockroaches from entering the house

Firstly, it is always best to keep the house clean and get rid of any clutter or rubbish and also get rid of the cardboard boxes (cardboard boxes) where cockroaches thrive in these boxes. Although this will not guarantee a cockroach-free future, it will certainly help prevent cockroaches from infesting the home. Any visible cracks that roaches have previously entered should also be closed. So take a look around the doors and windows and fill in any gaps you see.

Cockroach control company in Kuwait

There are many companies that produce strong insecticides, but they do not take into account all the procedures or the demands that the customer wants, so our company is a pest and cockroach control company specialized in the export and production of pesticides that take into account and fulfill all the customer’s demands that he wants to get to get rid of cockroaches and other household insects without Forming any possible danger to humans or animals.


A pesticide company warns everyone against using pesticides without any knowledge, because it poses a great danger to him when used incorrectly, which leads to health problems for humans as well as animals in the home or other places, so the presence of all of this must be taken into account to avoid these problems.






Mosquito control company in Kuwait

Mosquitoes are one of the most prevalent insects, especially in agricultural places and places that contain sewage basins, and the eggs that this insect leaves in a suspicious manner, and many, which leads to its rapid spread, which the Kuwait Insect Control Company is considered the most appropriate to get rid of them.


Mosquitoes spread in homes, especially in the evening and at night, and they cause a lot of inconvenience to people, which bite the body, leaving redness and swelling in the place that you pinch, so that the bite can be strong and cause many problems as a result and poison the blood.


Where the insect sucks human blood for food on it, it is possible to transmit diseases through this from one person to another, so we have the perfect solution and the appropriate exterminator for you and your family at home and to provide a safe atmosphere free of annoying and harmful insects.


Mosquitoes can be eliminated through the use of the following natural home methods:


Eat garlic.

neem oil

Mosquito repellent drink.



Burning rosemary.

Mosquito repellent plants.

Dry stagnant water.

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