Spraying homes of all kinds of insects and rodents

Spraying homes of all kinds of insects and rodents

Spraying homes of all kinds of insects and rodents

extermination of mosquitoes

You do not have to worry anymore about insects and rodents, the Kuwaiti Company for Pest Control is worthy of your trust to exterminate insects and rodents from your home, and without any damage to the house or the people in it, and through modern techniques that eliminate insects completely

And without making a change in the house, and without causing insomnia to homeowners, and using pesticides and pest control tools that are safe for household members, pets and birds in the house



Who are we?


A company specialized in spraying homes, companies and open spaces and combating insects, rodents and pests of all kinds, based on great experience and advanced technology in its work. These companies work to combat all kinds of insects and rodents in Kuwait, and each type of insects and rodents has a certain technology in combating and eliminating it. The Kuwaiti woman is characterized by the fact that she is controlling pests through modern techniques that eliminate them without making a change in the house, and without causing insomnia to home owners, and most pesticides and pest control tools are safe for the members of the house, so the use of pesticides requires great experience to use them correctly, so it is better to use a company with Experience - like a Kuwaiti woman - to spray your home, company, garden, or any place where insects and rodents of all kinds reside. We specialize in that.


The importance of using a Kuwaiti company to spray homes and control insects.?


Using our company saves time, effort and money that will be wasted in any pesticides that are purchased without any benefit, or with a result less than what is intended to be reached.


- Kuwaiti depends on specialists in the world of insects and we have long experience in that field.


We guarantee that insects will not return to our homes again.


- We use powerful insecticides that have no side effects on humans and the environment.


We use safe and healthy global health pesticides and take all adequate precautions and advice to avoid exposing you or any of your family or pets at home to the dangers of spraying household pesticides.


We use the latest modern scientific methods, and apply the best programs in pest control


- The Kuwaiti company offers a full year guarantee to its customers, and is characterized by continuous follow-up with them


We will reach you within hours to eliminate all kinds of insects and reptiles


With a serum that is completely safe for the health of family members without odor or toxic substances.


You do not need to leave the house or remove the utensils




= The best insect spray company in Kuwait


There are many companies spraying houses in Kuwait and controlling insects and rodents, as it is considered one of the areas that occupies a large rank in the number of house spray companies due to the widespread spread of household insects.


The Kuwaiti company specializes in combating insects and rodents with the latest modern scientific methods, applying the best programs in pest control and giving a guarantee to its customers, and is characterized by continuous follow-up with them. It also provides a strong and effective extermination of all types of insects with a universal serum that is safe for the health of the family. To give a final extermination of cockroaches, ants, mice, geckos, and all kinds of flying and crawling insects and rodents, without smell or toxic substances, without leaving the house or removing utensils and with a serum that is completely safe for the health of family members. And a distinguished service in the extermination of insects, and all types of pests, and it has technicians at the highest level of skill and experience, and is characterized by its continuous follow-up with customers, and responding to their inquiries.


Kuwait Pest Control is one of the best insect control companies, distinguished in spraying homes, villas, gardens and shops, and is able to get rid of cockroaches, ants, mice and other household insects.




= Why are insects in the house? The cause of house insects.?


Insects are present in the house as a result of some factors that must be avoided, namely:


Neglecting to adequately ventilate the house, including furniture and mattresses, periodically is one of the reasons for the presence of insects in the house. Leave the trash can for a long time without emptying it and washing it. Not paying attention to the cleanliness of the house and disinfecting it continuously, it is easy to have cockroaches and flies in the house. The presence of pets in the house, makes the presence of insects easy, especially animals that move between the street and the house. Leave leftovers on tables and floors. Neglecting to clean bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Not closing drains and waterways, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, as this also causes the entry of many insects into the house. Leave cabinets and cupboards for a long time without opening them and ventilating them.






Insecticides that are used by the Kuwait Pest Control Company =


 There are many types of insecticides available in the market, but not all of them are effective, of quality and in compliance with the health standards set by the Ministry of Health, and also some of them may be ineffective in exterminating insects when sprayed at home. As for the insecticide used by the Kuwait Pest Control Company:


 - An insecticide approved globally by the competent authorities in insecticides.


 Available in more than one form, including dry, liquid and spray to suit all insects, places and people.


It contains a very strong active substance that is able to eliminate insects, as well as the larvae and eggs of insects, until they are completely eliminated.


Our method for the correct use of the insecticide:

Through trained labor, we make sure of the correct use of the insecticide, as the wrong use may lead to reducing or nullifying its effect. We are keen to use the correct method of spraying pesticides to ensure the final elimination of insects and rodents, according to the nature and type of the insect.




Ways to get rid of flies and cockroaches from the most famous insects:


 Flies and cockroaches are among the most famous insects that home owners care about getting rid of, which are abundant in most homes, as they are revolting insects and cause great damage if they pass on our food. Insects and at the same time give safety to the members of the house

To eliminate insects, a one-year warranty in all areas of Kuwait, 24 hour service, order us now.




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Spraying open sites such as chalets, choirs and stables

extermination of mosquitoes

Kuwait Pest Control in Kuwait ... one of the specialized and pioneering companies in the field of insect and pest control operations in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti company works to purify open sites such as chalets, shelters, stables and other all insects, pests and rodents with the intention of eliminating all kinds of insects and rodents, whether they are flying insects or creepy. We provide this service through a team responsible for the control of insects and rodents, using the latest scientific findings of devices and chemicals that conform to all levels of safety as well as the specifications of the World Health Organization and are also compatible with environmental requirements and use the latest scientific methods without toxic substances in the process of extermination to combat all Types of insects and rodents with all types of available control operations using the latest manual, electrical and chemical equipment




Types of pest and pest control operations


 Baits/spraying/aerosol/waving/fumigation/vaccination/injection/disinfection/insect sterilization with the latest advanced equipment.






Pests Ants / Fleas / Beetles (Flying Insects) Mosquitoes / Flies / Locusts / Hornets / Hamish (Rodents) Mice / Gerbil / Weasel (animals harmful to humans and the environment) Cats / Dogs / Foxes / Geckos and others



Pest control, companies, restaurants and salons

extermination of mosquitoes

The best company to spray pesticides and pest control in large sites in Kuwait


The pest control company in Kuwait eradicates insects permanently from companies, restaurants and salons


Where the company is the spraying of pesticides and the eradication of insects is the best company in Kuwait, where it performs a complete and final extermination of insects without smell and without leaving the place with German pesticides that are completely safe for health and foods at the best price in Kuwait and with a full year guarantee.




Kuwait Pest Control Company Kuwait


We follow the best methods that we have been able to control insects according to the size and size of the place, and this is what distinguishes us from the rest of the other insecticide companies, as we allocate for each of these insects its own insecticide. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that do not affect human health, but it eliminates insects immediately, in addition to that it follows all the authorized steps, and we will present these steps:

Pesticides approved by the Ministry of Health.


Use the latest equipment and devices to find out where insects are hiding.


Long-term powerful pesticides.


One year warranty and final and immediate extermination.


Free periodic follow-up for examination and reassurance that no insect returns.


Technical support 24 hours and speed of response to any request.


We follow all preventive measures to sterilize tools and technicians.


We adhere to the scheduled dates for the extermination of insects in your affected place, and we do not delay at all from the date and arrive on the specified time.




We adhere to precautionary measures


We wear medical masks. We follow all preventive measures, starting from completely sterilizing workers before entering the house or institution, wearing masks and preventive medical gloves to preserve the health of your family. After that, the house is thoroughly examined and insects are completely and immediately exterminated with a full year guarantee and periodic follow-ups to the house to get rid of all kinds of insects where they are examined The house carefully and knowing the hiding places of all insects in the walls and walls using the best technological equipment, and the house will not be left permanently until after the final extermination of all insects present.


The pesticides used


We use strong, long-term German pesticides that are completely safe for human health and pets. They do not have any smell at all, in addition to the use of a good American pesticide to eliminate mice and cockroaches.


 Flooring before and after construction

extermination of mosquitoes

Kuwait Pest Control Company in Kuwait


 The best one to rid you of a termite or a termite is one of the most dangerous types of insects, as it is similar to a cancer that affects the human body.


Termites or termites live in collective colonies like underground black ants, but they do not belong to the order of black ants, as they are considered to be among the winged cockroaches and destroy private property.


In light of the company’s endeavor to provide the best service to the customer at the lowest prices, which made us one of the most successful insect control companies in Kuwait in combating termites, where we have many years of experience in pest control and how to deal with all kinds of insects, not only termites, because each insect has a specific method of combating it. To provide a dangerous termite control service before and after construction.


Termite danger


Destroying home furniture made of wood because its main food is wood cellulose


It also affects agricultural crops in agricultural fields


Destruction of human tools such as: paper, carpets, clothes, rugs, mats and curtains


It causes the collapse of walls in homes and many damages to the integrity of the building.






Why are we the best land control company in Kuwait?


Why Kuwaiti for the control of termites.?




- Customer safety first before eliminating insects, as we use the best types of pesticides that are not dangerous to humans in pest control.


- We use the latest equipment to get rid of termites in homes and various facilities, so they are completely eliminated and we guarantee the customer that they will not appear again anywhere else.


- Specialized workers with experience in the best methods of control, dealing and eliminating termites.


  - After eradicating the termites or termites using the appropriate pesticide, you follow up on the customer every period to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the service.


- You can contact the company's numbers at any time during the 24 hours, we will reach you in a short time.


We cover and reach all parts of Kuwait.


 - All materials used by the company have a license from the Ministry of Health in Kuwait and are safe for people and pets and also do not affect the soil and agricultural crops.


All of our services have a one year warranty.


Ways to combat the ground in Kuwait


 The Kuwaiti woman uses the latest chemical methods to combat termites before construction or in inhabited places




The cheapest land control company in Kuwait


 Kuwait Pest Control is considered the best company among its competitors throughout Kuwait, because it provides a distinguished and fast service at the cheapest price in Kuwait. It also guarantees the customer that termites do not reappear and gives him preventive measures

From all kinds of insects such as mice, rodents, ants, bed bugs, cockroach nests, kitchen cockroaches, flying insects and any other insect in the house in a tested and effective way.


What you do not know about the ground or termites!


Termites, which we call the ground, are a dangerous insect that feeds on cellulose found in human tools such as: paper, carpets, clothes, rugs, mats, and home furniture made of wood and curtains.


Call us if you notice the presence of termites in your home, you should immediately call our numbers in order to ensure the safety of your home and to avoid economic loss due to this type of insects






 Eradication of land in agricultural fields


Not only in homes, it also infects agricultural crops in agricultural fields, so you must work to kill and eliminate them quickly and pursue them immediately before destroying crops.


The most common crops infested by termites


 Sugar cane, dates and rice. It affects fruit trees.




Contact us immediately if you find termites in your agricultural field so that we can combat it before it damages the entire field and causes the trees to collapse because of the heavy economic losses that come to you.




The floor destroys the walls of the house


Termites cause wall collapse in homes and many damages to the integrity of the building.


Termites are considered one of the biggest fears that threaten our lives in brick houses, and the main reason for this is that the compounds that are made of bricks consist of cellulose, which is the main food for these insects.




Why should you use us to combat termites?


Kuwaiti company for pest control in Kuwait


 We have the best trained workers to eliminate all kinds of insects such as cockroaches, bedbugs, dementia, termites, black ants and rodents.


- The company is classified as one of the best companies to eliminate insects and provide a distinguished and safe service at the lowest prices and suitable for all levels. Its goal is to ensure the safety of its customers before making profits.


Combating mice, rats and eliminating them permanently

extermination of mosquitoes

The mouse is one of the harmful rodents that, in the event of its presence in the house, causes health damage and material damage to humans, as the mouse is one of the animals with weak immunity,


As for the gecko, it is one of the types of reptiles that belong to the family of geckos, and it has many species, which differ in their shapes and colors, and it begins with the advent of the summer and the rising weather temperature to spread, and it may reach the point of breaking into homes, which raises the ire and concern of many, Because of the serious damage it causes to public health and many health problems caused by the rats to humans,





Kuwaiti is the best company to help you get rid of all kinds of mice, rats and rodents with the latest methods and the cheapest prices


Say goodbye to annoying rodents and harmful mice, we use modern and authorized methods and we have a guarantee on spraying work, also periodic follow-up work to ensure that no rodents appear







Kuwait Pest Control Company in Kuwait


Specialized in controlling insects and rodents of all kinds, spraying pesticides and sterilization


Therefore, we are the most powerful pest control company in Kuwait, eliminating all rodents


And mice, rats, rats, snakes





The danger of rats and mice


First: the dangers of mice in the house


Among the disadvantages of having mice in the house are the following:


• Mice carry between their hairs many types of bacteria and germs, and therefore they can transmit the most dangerous diseases to humans such as plague, fever and placenta accreta.


• If you raise some birds inside your house, mice attack them, which means the transmission of deadly diseases to them.


• Mice cause damage to electrical cables and irrigation and sewage networks.


• Mice transmit the disease by two means, only the parasites found between their hairs.


• Rat urine and feces cause chemical and organic contamination of foods and utensils.


• The mouse causes food poisoning in humans and its consequent damages, if it eats human food or passes it. Among the dangerous diseases transmitted by mice to humans are: “Wil’s disease, typhoid disease, cholera, amoebic dysentery, and meningitis.


The severity of the damage caused by leprosy varies, depending on the method of exposure to it, whether by touching the surfaces it has passed and its own stool, or eating foods and drinks that it has been standing on. The damage also varies according to the type of leprosy itself and the amount of harmful microbes and bacteria it carries, as leprosy has Approximately 100 species, some of them very dangerous and toxic. Liquor feces, when passing on walls and furniture, leave remnants of their faeces, and when a person comes into contact with them, he may be exposed to a type of salmonella bacteria, whose symptoms are similar to some other diseases, including: - Vomiting. - Intestinal confusion. - Severe diarrhea. - General fatigue. - Headache. - Tremors. - High body temperature. Read also: Watch out.. This error exposes your home to the infestation of "snakes and snakes" The passage of lepers on surfaces When lepers pass on walls and furniture, It leaves behind a lot of bacteria and microbes that are transmitted to humans through contact, which causes some skin problems, and its symptoms are: - Redness of the skin. - Skin irritation. - The appearance of spots in different areas of the body. Surfaces that the leprosy passed through when h The incidence of skin diseases, but rather threatens the respiratory system with many health problems, the most prominent of which are: - Inability to breathe normally. - Rapid heartbeat. - Narrowness in the airways. - Chest sensitivity. Drinking or direct contact with it poses a serious danger to human health, as it may increase the risk of poisoning. Release that threatens humans.


Control of rats and mice


Keeping your home clean and airtight, and practicing good hygiene in and around your home are all simple preventative measures anyone can take. However, rodents and barnacles can be stubborn creatures, and often these efforts are not enough.


Cockroaches, whose droppings can spread disease and cause allergies and asthma, can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus and Zika virus. Ants, which can cause painful bites and contaminate food. Fleas and ticks, which not only cause painful, itchy bites, but can also transmit serious diseases such as Lyme and Stari disease. Bed bugs, which can quickly invade your home and are very expensive to remove, and rodents, who can damage wood and wire, as well as transmit serious diseases. The Kuwait Pest Control Association estimates that they spent more than 3 million dinars on pest control and extermination services last year. If you've encountered a pest problem in your home before, most would agree that this pest control investment is well worth








Why Kuwait Company for Pest and Rodent Control:


Health and safety


 The health and safety of family and pets is at the top of the list of priorities for most people. Pests carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can make your family and pets sick. Eliminating these pests quickly can help reduce exposure and protect your family's long-term health and well-being. Many pest control companies now offer green pest control options that use products derived from flowers, plants, and natural earth elements instead of harsh chemicals.




Pest control professionals have the training, education, and experience to deal with many different types of pests. They know the safe and appropriate ways to identify, prevent, and eliminate each of these different pests, as well as where and how to use them. They also have access to the latest technology and techniques in the field, as well as products and treatments that may not be readily available to consumers.




The effectiveness of home pest control is maximized by finding the source of the problem. If you receive treatment without successfully removing the source, the problem will continue to appear in the future. Routine pest control includes conducting a pest control survey and inspection both inside and outside your home. This can not only help them identify the source of the current pest problem, but also help identify any pest issues that you may not know about yet or any that are likely to become future problems. Based on the inspection, a professional pest control technician can provide you with a customized pest control program using the most innovative and advanced products and equipment, implementing integrated pest management techniques, which include inspection and plan, along with pest identification, on-going perimeter protection and continuous communication to help prevent problems in the future. Treatment and routine inspections also allow them to spot pest problems early before they have a chance to cause serious damage to your home and property.


Low cost pest control


While there may be an upfront cost to you, the cost savings in the long run can be important for professional pest control services. Professional extermination provides faster and more effective results than do-it-yourself methods, in most cases. They can also save money in the future by identifying pest problems early and eliminating them quickly, and preventing infestation or costly damage in the future. Most pest control companies also offer a service guarantee of return between scheduled visits, if necessary, at no additional cost to the consumer. Ready to get started? Request a FREE pest control estimate now


Eliminate kitchen cockroaches using the original paste and the American generation

extermination of mosquitoes

Are you looking for the best way to eliminate kitchen cockroaches.?


So, first, let's get to know what a cockroach is.

The cockroach is one of the winged insects that lived on Earth more than 320 million years ago, and it is a diverse insect with more than 3,500 species. Almost kind - adapted to live in human dwellings, and it has become a domestic pest that spreads in most homes in the State of Kuwait. The cockroach has a flat oval body divided into three parts, the head, the chest, and the abdomen, and it has two long antennae, and three pairs of long legs, and it has a flat shield made up mostly of chitin that covers the chest and head regions, and this cover is usually brown or black, and sometimes has It is green, yellow, or red.





The best way to eliminate kitchen cockroaches. Eliminate kitchen cockroach.?


The 100% original paste and the original American cockroach gel are the best way to eliminate cockroaches from your property. From German and American cockroaches


Australian d, oriental, pannabidi, and other species. With a powerful and effective formula,


It consists of a gel tube and achieves amazing and unbelievable results.


The ability of gel and paste is unbeatable in eliminating cockroaches in residential, commercial and industrial areas


This pest control gel with its active ingredients is considered one of the most powerful cockroach killing products in Kuwait.





What are the advantages and benefits of this killer gel?


Does the pesticide have amazing results in eliminating cockroaches? This gel includes many features that distinguish this product from other products:


It can eliminate cockroaches and prevent cockroaches from reappearing after using the gel for months.





Due to the high efficacy, the American gel is safe for pets.








With a blend of non-repellent and bioactive ingredients, Cockroach Gel provides a special gel formula.


Easily eliminate different types of cockroaches and it is the only cockroach killer gel in this market that eliminates the following types of cockroaches: Australian, American, Oriental, Bennabidi, German cockroaches, etc.





Gekna can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition to the use in homes, you can also use this gel in industrial and commercial areas.





How to use cockroach gel?





In the beginning, we put an appropriate amount of gel on the areas where cockroaches are present, from colonies of cockroaches in the most difficult places, and according to the spread of insects, we move in succession and at specific distances and reach burrows and hidden insects and swallows with the most powerful gel ever in eliminating cockroaches, which is characterized by its ability to stick and exist for very long periods.





How long can you see the results of the American gel?





Everything takes time to happen. With the power of the high-performance chemical composition of this gel that eliminates different types of cockroaches. This gel can reach cockroach colonies and even in the most difficult places. To eliminate this problem, you can see results within a few hours if you follow all the instructions.



Cockroach paste ... the magical means of combating cockroaches in Kuwait


Cockroach killing paste...Why do we use cockroach control paste to get rid of them?


Why the original cockroaches paste in Kuwait


It is one of the best means to eliminate the insect in kitchens, hotels, cafes, bathrooms and palaces in a natural and strong way and kill it easily. It is preferable to communicate with the Kuwaiti company for pest control, the best insect spray company in Kuwait.


Ingredients of the original cockroach paste in Kuwait


The original paste for cockroaches is a substance consisting of a chemically prepared poison that is capable of sabotaging the work of vital organs inside the insect, and domestic cockroaches in particular, which, when it enters the cockroach's body, dries its body and thus its death.


But this substance, which is called boric, is a substance in itself that does not provoke cockroaches.


It does not have any attractant to it, and this is why organic food is added to it, which the cockroaches accept to eat.


After mixing these materials, small pieces of them are placed in all the suspected places where cockroaches are hiding, so they are attractive and powerfully deadly at the same time.


Cockroach extermination mixture


And the reason why many people prefer to use the paste to kill cockroaches in order to get rid of them is that this substance is impermeable to any odors annoying to humans, like other insecticides that, when sprayed, can cause chest diseases and a feeling of suffocation.





Dough distribution method


It is not resorted to leave the place after the treatment with the paste in order to combat household cockroaches, like the rest of the materials that control the spread of cockroaches. It is very normal to put the paste and live in the same place and all the family members are safe, but provided that it is placed in the hands of an expert - such as our company workers - in order to beware of placing it in a suitable place Not close to children's reach.





The best company to combat cockroaches with the original paste in Kuwait


Kuwaiti offers the best simple household means to eliminate cockroaches in kitchens, hotels, cafes, bathrooms and palaces in a natural and powerful way to kill cockroaches easily with the magic paste to exterminate cockroaches with bail.








The cockroach extermination paste is placed in invisible areas, such as above and behind the wheels, so that it is far from the children's sight, so that their hands do not reach it.





To request our services from the best cockroach control company in Kuwait, call our numbers


Kuwait is the best cockroach control company in Kuwait






To eliminate insects in all areas of Kuwait, one year warranty, 24 hour service, order us now




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