Identification and control of harmful insects in the home in Kuwait

Identification and control of harmful insects in the home in Kuwait

Identification and control of harmful insects in the home in Kuwait

If you have noticed an infestation of harmful insects in your home, but have not been able to identify it with certainty, you can inform yourself on the basis of these individual identification photos.

German cockroaches


Cockroaches / German cockroaches

Identity photo The body is oblate shaped, yellow-brown, with long antennae and two black colours. German cockroaches cannot fly.

Appearance in buildings, especially in the kitchen behind refrigerators, under dishwashers, under coffee machines, etc. It pulls out as soon as the light turns on. They are active at dusk and at night. Usually cockroaches are near the water.

Risks Transmission of disease and allergies (through explantation)

Food contamination damage (feces, shed residues, pathogenic germs), potential allergens, technical failures of electronic devices (computer, for example) after penetration, excellent climbers.

Struggle The fight against the invasion of a kitchen cockroach should be entrusted to a specialized disinfectant, since aerosols do not give satisfactory results. Advance information is recommended for building management.

Prevention Cockroaches can find their way into your home through old furniture, packaging, food, etc.


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jungle cockroaches


jungle cockroaches

Photo ID The same appearance as the common cockroach, straw can fly from yellow to yellow color of the horn and imprint is discolored.

Appearance During the months from May to October, they are insects that live outdoors and stray into buildings where they die after a few days.

Risk no one

Nobody is damaged

Clash of jungle cockroaches accidentally lose their way home (insects that live outside). They cannot reproduce indoors and only live for a few days. No need to use products to make them go away.

Prevention Only sash-mounted screens placed above windows are an effective way to keep woodland crickets away. It is not helpful to spray insecticide because it does not prevent the infestation of more forest cockroaches.


fruit mites


fruit mites

Photo ID At rest, the butterfly has a pointed triangle shape from reddish brown to bronze, which has a narrow band of silver to ocher colors in the middle. Hind wings are light grey.

Appearance Walnut mites can be seen throughout the day and are found near the epicenter.

Risk no one

Damage to larval predation, pollution from spinning activity and excrement, and damage to animal and plant populations.

Struggle During the invasion of dried fruit mites in homes, it is necessary to destroy all infected food and it will be necessary to thoroughly clean all places where food is stored. If necessary, it will be necessary to treat all the corners where they can find a suitable haven with the appropriate parasiticides spread by professionals. In fact, you should know that nut mites can live in even the smallest crevices.

Prevention Food items such as rice, grains, dried fruits, tea, spices, herbs, etc. They should be placed in airtight boxes or glass containers. Keep opened food refrigerated.

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The body ID photo is black and yellow in color.

Appearance They appear in the hot summer months, build nests and can be annoying, if they are sugary drinks, sweets, meat, etc. In the open air or if the nests are close to people.

Risks: Possible allergic reaction to wasp venom. Bites in the mouth and throat are also dangerous for adults.

Damage Facades and structures (especially wood) can be damaged.

Struggle The fight against wasps with an insecticide should be entrusted to a specialist. In some cases, hornets' nests can be moved.

Prevention Do not leave food or drink lying in open containers, do not disturb the nests and do not try to cross the aisles with wasps.



anything that crawls

Crickets, crickets, dried fruit moths, cellar bugs, bed bugs or silverfish are commensal items that we can do without. Nevertheless, they voluntarily settle in houses and apartments and cause damage to them. Covers these damages.



wood mite


wood mite

The ID photo is from slate gray to yellowish gray in color and measures up to 20 mm.

Appearance They often appear in basement rooms, perennial beds, etc., where the air humidity is high and the basement is damp.

Risk no one


Struggle Wood weevil can be killed by using small plates or wet towels as bait. Humidity attracts them. All you have to do is pick them up with a shovel and a broom. Biocidal spraying is a potential chemical protection, but implementation should be entrusted to a specialist in this field.

Prevention The best prevention is to dry out the rooms in the cellar, eliminating food sources and hiding.


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