Home pest control in Kuwait

Home pest control in Kuwait

Home pest control in Kuwait

We have our own methods that we follow for a long time to control all types and forms of insects and household rodents through the use of the best and fastest pesticide in the process of eliminating insects.


Our company in Kuwait adheres to all standards for controlling household insects, which are as follows:


We use pesticides that are licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Providing all the devices and tools that help to reach everywhere in the house.

The house was exposed to good ventilation after spraying it with insecticides.

Covering all places in the house from cesspools and other places in the sewage and narrow places and others.



Insecticides in Kuwait are different and have great and strong effectiveness in eliminating and getting rid of insects and household rodents,

Therefore, it can cause other symptoms and problems to humans, so we guide you on what to do when exposed to it:


Upon contact with the body, clothing must be removed and the place washed with soap and water well.

In the event that the pesticide has been inhaled, fresh air must be inhaled and an emergency call should be made.

When the eye is infected with the pesticide, it must be washed with stagnant water because it causes damage and many problems in the eye.

In the event of accidental ingestion of the pesticide, you must call the emergency department and avoid vomiting.





Insect and rodent control

The rats (rats, mice) are rodents that have a lot of waste, which helps to transmit diseases and destroy many things that become unusable after exposure to them, and which spread widely in certain places in the house, garden or other places,

Such as: burrows or deserted and warm places where there is food suitable for them and many other places.


Also, the leper is considered one of the dangerous rodents that spreads in homes in a large way, especially at these times.

It also has many forms and types that differ from each other and that leave physical problems on public health.


Mice and lepers cause a lot of problems and fear and male in children and women at home,

Where these rodents are considered one of the ugliest and most dangerous rodents when they are in the place, because of the damage they cause to many things inside the house, such as furniture, books, wood, pieces of furniture, etc., and they infect humans with multiple serious diseases,

Therefore, it should be disposed of as soon as you notice its presence in the place.

Our company in Kuwait provides the most powerful pesticides that help get rid of mice and lizards by using a substance that helps prevent these rodents from being present in the home because of the danger they pose to humans or animals.



home pest control company

Through the best home pest and rodent control company in Kuwait, we are working to help customers know the appropriate insecticide, the tools to be used, and the methods to be followed while using the pesticide.


Our company works to combat various insects such as ants, cockroaches, bugs, flies and many other insects and provides everything necessary to get rid of them,

We also provide service in various places in Kuwait by spraying insects and inform you of all procedures and ways to assist in that.


Pesticides that you can provide to eliminate household insects:


There is a pesticide that leaves a strong smell and greatly affects insects, it is necessary to leave the house when it is used for a period of at least 6 hours.

There is also a pesticide that has no smell and has a strong effect, and it can be sprayed and used at home with the presence of humans and animals.

There is a solid pesticide that is used only to eliminate rodents such as geckos, mice, rats, and others.

There is also an insecticide in the form of a gel that is used to kill cockroaches and other insects.



There are many types of insecticides, the most important of which are the following:


Organic pesticides.

chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Organophosphate pesticides.

Also carbamate pesticides.

Inorganic pesticides.

Also herbicides.


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