German cockroaches are the smallest (at about 15 mm) but the most common and most widespread of the domestic cockroaches

German cockroaches are the smallest (at about 15 mm) but the most common and most widespread of the domestic cockroaches

German cockroaches are the smallest (at about 15 mm) but the most common and most widespread of the domestic cockroaches. Females carry their eggs in an oblong capsule. During the day they congregate in dark, hidden, warm and humid nooks, in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and garbage disposals and come out mainly at night to eat. Cockroaches are omnivores and prefer food waste. When the number of cockroaches in the kitchen increases significantly, they invade other rooms in the apartment such as the living room and sometimes bedrooms if they find food there.

Cockroaches or their eggs are brought into a premises in various packages or in used household appliances. In an apartment building, they go from. to the other through channels under the doors. Therefore, the presence of the first insects is not due to poor hygiene or neglect. But if the maintenance conditions in your home are not satisfactory, then cockroaches will breed.


Tips to combat German cockroaches


German female cockroach

Preventive measures


Regularly clean the accommodation and especially the kitchen (under the sink, behind the refrigerator, stove, and furniture) with degreasing products.

Wash and vacuum or vacuum the dishes after every meal, and don't leave anything dirty in the sink (so you don't let roaches eat).

Dispose of waste as quickly and cleanly as possible (close the trash can tightly).

Ensure that food containers (flour, cereal, bread, etc.) are tightly closed.

In the evening, close the drain traps so that cockroaches do not quench their thirst.

Seal passage openings for sheaths, cables, or pipes.

Ventilate the property well and remove sources of moisture (to avoid hot and humid weather).

Do not leave food in the bedrooms or the living room. In the evening, pick up the pet bowl.


Control measures


Apply a specific product as soon as the first cockroaches appear: Prefer a long-acting insecticidal gel-type product.

Place 'cockroach' gum traps to control infestation.

If the problem persists, contact a professional before the injury is too significant.



It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and recommendations provided:

Insecticide if you treat it yourself.

By the professional who works with you.

To combat cockroaches, the use of pesticides must be combined with the above mentioned prevention measures.

In an apartment building, all residents must cooperate in order for the battle to be effective. The presence of cockroaches must be notified to the owner or guardian so that they can organize a treatment for all apartments in the building and the garbage room.

One treatment is not sufficient for particularly infested dwellings.

It is normal to see a few small cockroaches after eight to fifteen days of treatment because the products do not destroy the eggs.

pest control unit

The Municipal Pest Control Unit, known as “DDD” (disinsection, rat extermination, disinsection) intervenes against cockroaches in all municipal assets:


Three times a year it checks for possible cockroaches in all catering spaces in nurseries, schools, senior centers, central kitchens and townhouse self-catering. He performs treatment if necessary, and ensures close follow-up until the condition returns to normal.

Interfering with the entire municipal heritage in reports of cockroaches, fleas and ants by various services.


People Support

The DDD unit informs, counsels and directs individuals who encounter the presence of cockroaches or fleas in their homes. A unit can sometimes, under certain conditions, accompany them a first step into battle without replacing specialized companies.

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