Combating lizards in Kuwait Combating lizards companies in Kuwait Eliminating geckos in Kuwait

Combating lizards in Kuwait Combating lizards companies in Kuwait Eliminating geckos in Kuwait

Al-Bareisi or Gecko Control Company in Kuwait offers you the best pest control services of all kinds. It also uses insecticides that are completely safe for health in general on the part of individuals and animals and eliminate insects once and for all. We offer you the best services at the cheapest prices, contact us Through our available phone numbers.




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The process of combating geckos is one of the most important extermination operations carried out by the Al-Baraisi Control Company in Kuwait, and this is due to what we know about the damage caused by the spread of such an insect on humans and the most common diseases it causes, including the following:




It transmits several diseases such as pinworms and parasites.


Gagging leads to anal itching and vomiting.


It transmits many diseases that affect the human respiratory system.


It also transmits salmonella bacteria and the pentagram parasite, which erodes the fibers that make up the sinuses, making breathing more difficult.


Because of the danger of this insect and the difficulty of finding the locations of its eggs, our company has provided many safe and effective ways to eliminate such an insect once and for all.


Gecko Control Company in Kuwait


The gecko is one of the insects that spreads everywhere in all seasons of the year, and since it breeds in the desert environment, we have developed a tight plan to eliminate all types, through the following steps:




An entire team from our company is heading to the premises affected by the infestation of geckos.


They study the place and determine the places of spread of this insect and check the locations of its eggs to eliminate it.


We use the latest equipment and devices that help us know which places are active and most infected.


We provide a periodic follow-up service to ensure that this insect does not return again.


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Al-Baraisi Control Company in Kuwait


Al-Baraisi Control Company in Kuwait


Al-Baraisi Control Company in Kuwait provides protection services for homes before the construction phase to eliminate the stinging bug. It also follows its own integrated approach in order to eliminate this insect once and for all, as it begins its work tasks as follows:




After receiving the customer's call, we set the appropriate time to inspect the place.


The company's specialized technicians inspect the place with precision and determine the affected places and the quality of the gummy in the place.


Then comes the stage of choosing the appropriate serum in order to eliminate that type of insect.


We spray the affected places with the latest imported machines dedicated to such a task.


Soon, the cleaning and disinfection phase begins after the extermination process is completed.


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The process of combating geckos is no longer cumbersome as it was before, as our company has provided all kinds of modern devices that work to eliminate such an insect, and among the most important features of our company we remind you of the following:




The company searches for everything that is modern in the world of extermination and keeps pace with all scientific research that enables it to carry out extermination tasks at the highest level of quality.


We import the latest equipment specialized in extermination of many types of insects and equipment that facilitates the implementation of this task.


The company is keen to train its work teams on an ongoing basis so that they are at the best of the customer's expectations.


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All services of Al-Fayrouz Company are characterized by high quality and have won the admiration of everyone. Despite this, we are one of the cheapest companies working in the field of pest extermination. Our prices are distinguished by being suitable for all societal incomes.




Everyone who knocks on the door of the Al-Braiasi Anti-Braiassi Company in Kuwait will enjoy huge discounts that may reach 40%. They have contacted us through our e-mail or through our available phone numbers, we are honored to receive all requests from customers.

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